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      We are specialists who provide you with delicious German cuisine with a commitment to good taste and quick preparation.
      We have specialized our catering offer for company parties or events with medium and large number of guests, with freshly and on-site cooked food. So we can prepare the food locally in sufficient speed and quantity, grill, cook or fry for e. g. 600 guests that the individual guests do not have to wait for their menu.
      We ensure that always enough food and drinks are available. For certain products we may calculate the amounts that were not consumed and we can take these products back. Of course there are cold, fresh and draft German beer and other drinks available on your demand.
      We mainly use local foods. So we buy our products locally from local firms such as Tandem (makes our sausage exclusively for us) or e. g. the company HIT (with its own butcher). We try hard that our products content as little as possible stabilizer or other chemical substances.

      Finally, we are pleased to fulfill special requests from you and we offer solutions that go beyond just food.



      Balkan Star
      German Christmas Market
      Different companies
      Riding stables Boshurishte
      German Embassy
      Auto Plus
      Talk to us, we will find the right solution for you.


       Kai Janz 00359 878 686 997

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