• Caravans

      Own operated

      Wurst Meister has several Caravans and operate them themselves. Currently these Caravans are located at different stores in front of Metro Cash and Carry, at the Black Sea coast and on other places.


      Wurst Meister takes care that our Caravans are in a clean and good condition, that are always and only fresh products available and that hygienic issues are respected. The preparation of the food must be visible for our clients.


      Wurst Meister is willing to operate Caravans in Franchise, if the Franchisee have interesting places or  objects. A Franchisee must have the capability of a certain cash liquidity in the amount of 5.000 BGN. It is important that the Franchise applicant understand the differences between being employed and being Entrepreneur. Customer orientation, hygienic care, ability to employee and self organization is an inseparable part of the needed skills.

      Осигурени условия

      Energy: 400V; 32A; 20kW
      Waste Water: no
      Fresh Water: no
      Toilets to use


      Wurst Meister is looking for Franchisee applicants having the following qualities:

      • Entrepreneurial spirit, commercial experience and the ability to control costs
      • Abbility to finance a deposit
      • Willingness to keep the caravan clean and in excellent conditions

      An application does not make sense if:

      • The Franchisee applicant is not willing to work himself intensively in the Caravan or Object.
      • The Franchisee applicant is not willing to maintain contact to the respective local business and to take care of authorities and associations.
      • The Franchisee applicant is not able to deliver the capital requirement of 5.000 BGN in form of cash liquidity or a bank credit
      • The Franchisee applicant plans to be with another person, a friend or business partners, there can be only one to be the contractor.
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