• Bratwurst – Leek Pan

      2 portions:

      2 Bratwurst’s, browned
      1/2 cup creamor Crème fraiche
      1 red paprika, 1/2 Leek
      1 small spoon mustard
      1 big spoon tomato paste
      Ingwer, Chili, Oregano  Salz and pepper
      A bit butter and broth


      Time: about 20 Min. / Difficulty: normal / Calories: not mentioned

      Cut the grilled sausages into small slices and fry in the butter with medium heat. Add the diced peppers and fry briefly. Then remove both from the pan. Put the sliced ​​leeks into the pan and sauté over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile mix the cream, mustard and tomato with some broth and put it over the leeks. Add the bratwurst pieces and peppers. Season with salt, pepper, ginger and chilli. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Just before serving, add chopped oregano.

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