• About us

      Our Company was foundet in the Autum 2010 from two Germans living in Bulgaria.

      The founders had the Idea that the cultural fast food number one from Germany would be an interesting product for the Bulgarian market as well. Steadily expanding over the years Wurst Meister operates nowadays several Fast Food Caravans, supplies restaurants and whole salers and organises events for designated companies.

      Many German singer and songwriter performed songs about Currywurst.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnZT0cXNRJQ) You can see this cultural fast food in many famous movies. Politicians or actrise, rich or poor, at the Wurst Meister Caravan everybody is equal and meets for inspiring discussions by Curry- or Bratwurst.

      The German Curry and Bratwurst has a long tradition since the 1950 and is with 800 Million sold pieces per year the most sold fast food in Germany.

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