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    • Wurst Meister

      The German Fast Food Company Number One

      • Catering

        With “The Spirit of Berlin” and “The Bavarian Night’ we offer two themes as an event service.

        Contact us for more information!

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      • Recipes
      • The German Fast Food Company

        We stay for constant quality of our products.

        The core product, the “Wurst”, is done from well known meat factories in Bulgaria according the recipe from Wurst Meister with controlled ingredients which are imported from Germany or Austria.

        The “Curry Dip” is exclusively produced from a German company in Bulgaria for Wurst Meister.

        The other dips are locally bought from famous and quality oriented producers.

        We offer a high class beer from famous brands from Germany and soft drinks and Ayran from good common suppliers.

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      • Caravans

        Wurst Meister has several Caravans and operate them themselves. Currently these Caravans are located at different stores in front of Metro Cash and Carry, at the Black Sea coast and on other places.

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