• Party Hit Curry Pfanne

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      20 portions:

      30 Bratwurst (e.g  Wurst Meister)
      1 Bottle Ketchup 800 ml
      1 small bottle Sauce (gypsy sauce)
      Cherry Juice (as much as like)
      Curry powder
      Pepper powder


      Time: ca. 30 Min. / Difficulty: easy / Calories: not mentioned

      Fry the sausages as usual and cut into small pieces. Take ketchup (curry ketchup if available) and mix with gypsy sauce and give it to the sausages. Add cherry juice until you have the desired consistency. Heat everything together on the stove. The cherry juice is the highlight and should not be missed. With the spices, you can refine the taste. If you have no Curry Ketchup add more curry powder.

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